Newsletter 31 May 2011

Dear HKUST Researchers,


Welcome to this newsletter, in which we highlight some recent activities and new facilities at the BioCRF.


Since our opening in October 2009, over 15,000 hours have been run on our instruments (average 800 hours per month). A total of over 400 users have registered for different instruments.


While 87% of the usage was by users from the Division of Life Science and affiliated programs, 13% was from other Departments and Schools. This reflected the growing trend of biological research in other disciplines.


Thanks to your responsible use and good training, the downtime of our instruments was on average only 2.3%. This will continue to help to keep the cost of your experiments down (currently we are only charging the exact cost of the consumables that you used).


We are always looking for ways to improve our service to the research communities. Suggestions of improvement of the current facilities as well as new facilities you would like to see in the future are most welcomed.


BioCRF Team


BioCRF Usage Statistics (Oct 2009 - Apr 2011)


New Services

Mass Spectrometry service is now avaliable in BioCRF

From March-April, 2011, we ran 106 samples. About 43% of samples from gel bands achieved significant scores in database search. (The facility is made possible by the efforts of Dr. Bob Qi (LIFS) and generous support from UGC, VPRGO, and the University.) Read more

Coming Soon: High-throughput Live Imaging System

Now, you can save time on live cell acquisition by using the multi-well incubation chamber on new HT live imaging system. (The facility is made possible by the efforts of Dr. Jun Xia (LIFS) and generous support from UGC, VPRGO, and the University.) Read more



Open House on 4 Mar. 2011

More than 60 students/ staffs attended and got to know more about our instruments. If you missed it, we encourage you to join the next one which will be held at the beginning of next semester. For details, please visit our website.

Seminars and Lab Tours

Since Oct 2009, we have organized over 20 scientific seminars and served more than 75 local/ overseas visitors. We also conducted training workshops so that users can operate the instruments by themselves. Please feel free to contact us for training or lab tour arrangement.